Featured Film: Black Snake Moan

black-snake-moanThis week’s featured video is Black Snake Moan, a tale of twisted love gone bad in the lives of two separate individuals, a troubled ex-bluesman (Samuel Jackson) and a small-town nymphomaniac (Christina Ricci), who cross paths at a painful intersection of their lives. They both struggle with their respective demons of emotional abuse and abandonment before  surrendering to accept a mutually healing friendship until her jilted-lover boyfriend (Justin Timberlake) returns from the Iraq war in anger and search for his missing love. The film is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes and layered in rich but subtle textures of the American subculture of southern living.  Enjoy… Continue reading Featured Film: Black Snake Moan

Dig The Currents Resumes Publishing

status-update-imageAfter a long break, I have decided to resume my hobby of publishing alternative views and curated content at DTC. At this point, I cannot say with certainty how frequently new posts will be published from myself or other welcomed guest contributors (hint-hint) since it often competes with  my professional obligations.

So here goes…Dig the Currents is back!

Warning: Jumping Rope May Be Hazardous To Your Health

hazard-warning2Yesterday I bought a new jump rope which is branded by a leading domestic and international health club and fitness franchise. I shall spare them embarrassment by refraining to mention their name as it is not my intent to single out any entity because I would wager that others are just as negligent. So here is my rant… Continue reading Warning: Jumping Rope May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Straight Out of Compton, Suge Knight Proves To Be A “Real Nigga” Once Again

suge-knight-real-nigga2This post is definitely an alternative view on a current event. I am not a big fan of Suge Knight and equivocate him to Beelzebub reincarnated. I almost had a run-in with him myself back in the early 1990’s, but thankfully my guardian angel steered me opposite when someone referred him as a potential real estate client. Being raised in Detroit and having all my Spider-senses intact (yes they still tingle when trouble approaches and is ready to mingle), I politely declined the opportunity after sizing this brother up for what he was, i.e. evil.

So, some of you are probably wondering where I’m coming from or going with this post? Continue reading Straight Out of Compton, Suge Knight Proves To Be A “Real Nigga” Once Again

Shortage of Technology Trained Workers Points To Visas or Outsourcing

The shortage of skilled technology labor supply remains unsolved, when the root of the answer is quite simple, i.e. immigration reform, outsourcing abroad or investment in technology training for U.S. citizens. The latter is not even a viable option as the majority of Congress does not believe in the concept of education investment, despite the long-term dividends yielded by the G.I. Bill decades ago. Eventually the problem will be dealt with by politicians, but it should not be ransomed for other unrelated issues when the business of America is business itself.



Southwest Airlines Rises Above Profits For Customer Safety

southwest-groundedA hat tip goes out to Southwest Airlines for doing the right thing and putting the safety of its customers before profits. It grounded 128 or approximately 20% of its fleet upon learning that some of its fleet missed the inspection for their backup rudder systems. FAA officials will allow Southwest to continue flying its aircraft provided Continue reading Southwest Airlines Rises Above Profits For Customer Safety

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