Running Under The Influence: World’s Fastest Beer Mile

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An RUI (“Running Under the Influence”) Mile of 4 minutes and 57 seconds may not get one a penalty fine nor a medal, but it definitely garners respect at DTC. On one hand, you have to train to be an awesome beer guzzler and, on the other, you must be able to run at a competitively fast pace. This is a major achievement no matter how seemingly trivial.

There once was a time when medical science thought that breaking the 4 minute mile was humanly impossible until Roger Bannister dispelled such a notion in 1954. James “the Beast” Nielsen takes us to another level with a sub-five minute mile while guzzling 4 beers. If you don’t believe it, here’s video proof. Hopefully, it will inspire you, not necessarily to run and drink beer, but to realize the potential of whatever your stretch of the imagination happens to be. Cheers…